Coder Spotlight: Shlok (Age 13)

It’s not everyone’s cup of tea to use basic project concepts to develop complex ones. But Shlok Chettri has a very different perspective on this. He excelled in the Scratch Programming Course and has always been interested in programming since he likes to try new things and be creative. . “The project’s results coming out […]

Coder Spotlight: Aarav (Age 12)

Aarav has joined Mero Coding Class few months ago. He is seen actively engaged in programming. He desires to produce meaningful stories, video games, and cartoons. His interest extends beyond video games and animated shows; he also wants to innovate in the field of programming. “I was curious to know how games and cartoons work. […]

Coder Spotlight: Samman (Age 9)

Samman is 9 years old kid currently studying in Grade 3 at Little Angels School. He has enrolled in Scratch on Jan, 2022. Since, joining Mero Coding Class, he has been enjoying Scratch and doing really well. He has written different projects in Scratch which are really fascinating for 9 years old kids. Samman loves […]

Coder Spotlight: Bibhu(Age 8)

Bibhu Shrestha is a grade 3 student, studying at Prime Montessori School. She has joined Mero Coding Class since past few months. She has been enrolled in Scratch-visual programming language and is in beginner level. Going through other student’s project, she also wants to create a visual story with her favorite characters. “I get motivated […]

Coder Spotlight: Kritarth (Age 12)

Kritarth Bista in an amazing student residing in Mahalaxmi-8, Lalitpur. He is studying in Grade 6 at Ullens School. He has joined Mero Coding Class on Jan, 2022 and has been coding in Scratch-visual programming language. He is in intermediate level of Scratch and doing really great. “When I knew I can create my own […]