विद्यार्थीका लागि यसकारण आवश्यक छ ‘कोडिङ क्लास’

Coding class for kids

आजको युग सूचना, सञ्चार तथा प्रविधिको युग हो । समयमै प्रविधि आत्मसात् गर्ने वा भनौं नवीनतम प्रविधि आविष्कार गर्ने राष्ट्रहरू नै विकसित राष्ट्रहरूको अग्र सूचिमा आएका छन् । कुनै समय ठूलो उद्योगका लागि कलकारखाना र मानव जनशक्ति आवश्यक पर्थ्यो भने अहिले त्यस्तो अवस्था विस्तारै कम हुँदै गएको छ । मानिसले गर्ने भौतिक काम आधुनिक प्रविधिले […]

Why Python for Kids: Unlocking Creativity and Problem-Solving Skills

Parents and educators often wonder why Python is recommended as an ideal programming language for kids. Python’s simplicity, versatility, and abundant learning resources make it an excellent choice to introduce children to coding. In this blog post, we’ll explore the benefits of teaching Python to kids, highlighting its ability to unlock creativity and foster problem-solving […]

Mero Coding Class Partnered with Creative Academy to Create Future Coders!

Creative Academy Partnering with Mero Coding Class

Mero Coding Class, a leading provider of coding classes in Nepal, has partnered with Creative Academy, a prestigious private school in Kirtipur, to offer coding classes to their students. This partnership aims to equip the students of Creative Academy with valuable coding skills that are becoming increasingly important in today’s digital age. With the world […]

7 Effective Ways To Improve Your Kids’ Memory Power

As a parent, you want the best for your child, including a strong memory. Memory is an important aspect of learning and it can play a crucial role in academic success. Fortunately, there are several things that parents can do to help improve their child’s memory power. Here are seven important tips for parents to […]

Mero Coding Class Partnering With Galaxy Public School!

Coding is a crucial skill that everyone needs in the digital era. With technology advancing rapidly, coding skills have become essential for almost every career field. It’s no longer just for computer scientists or software engineers; coding is becoming a necessary skill in all fields. Mero Coding Class is a platform that provides coding education […]

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