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Coding is the language of the future. In the near future, it is predicted that millions of jobs will require expertise in coding. Thus, teaching your children to code helps them prepare for the future.
On the other hand, it fosters the development of kids’ mathematical skills as well as their creativity, logical thinking ability, and problem-solving techniques, and also boosts academic performance.

Why Mero Coding Class?

Mero Coding Class 


Our academy, Mero Coding Class, presents our proposal to execute coding classes for your students as part of enrichment classes. We believe the packages we are proposing will enhance the digital literacy of your students which is very essential in today’s world. In the attached file, you will find detailed information about our courses.Our academy wants to make sure that you are completely comfortable before we head toward the next steps. We shall be much obliged to get back to you if you have any questions.

Why Coding for Kids and Teens?
● Helps to understand how technology works and impacts the world
● Development of problem-solving skills, cognitive skills, and creative thinking
● Provides better career opportunities in the era of artificial intelligence
● Provision a competitive advantage
● Coding can be fun and educational at the same time
● Supplements school curriculum in subjects like mathematics and science
● Coding is the language of the future.
Our Courses:
Mero coding class offers a multi-year progressive curriculum on coding for
children of all skill levels from ages 8 to 18.
Structured curriculum from beginner to advanced level, with new projects for
each session.
We have a multi-year progressive curriculum consisting of beginner to advanced
levels of Scratch, Python, HTML, Javascript, CSS, JAVA, app development, web
development, etc.
Maximum Number of Students:
10 students/class; 1 instructor ( For online classes)
30 students/class; 1 instructor ( For on-school physical classes)
*For physical classes with more than 20 students school should provide a teacher
for assisting with the smooth running of the classes.
Class time:
1 hour
Technical Requirements:
1. Laptop or PC with stable internet connection
2. Internet browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge
3. Mouse recommended
4. Headphones recommended ( for online classes only)
Class Details:
1. Classes will be provided by Mero coding class on the schedule confirmed by the school.
2. Classes happen either once a week or twice a week for 1hours.
3. During the week, students will be provided with projects for practice and sharpening their concepts.
4. After completion of the course, students will need to attend a graduation exam, and then they will be eligible to enroll for the      next level.
5. Students will be provided a certificate upon completion of their courses from Mero Coding Class and Coding with Kids.
Final Words
Coding is one of the essential skills in today’s digital age. Teaching our kids to learn coding at the right age is preparing them with the skills they need in the future. Whether our kids aim to become doctors, engineers, CA, or want to change the world by creating a super app, coding is an incredibly empowering skill for them to learn. We believe with our resources and the support from reputed organizations like you, we can achieve our vision of making our children digitally literate sooner than later. We look forward to a long-term relationship with you.
Warm Regards,
Mero Coding Class
Contact Person:
Basant Pant
CEO, Mero Coding Class

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