Course Information:

Level 6 is for students who have demonstrated proficiency in the concepts introduced in Level 5 and who are ready to take a deeper dive into more professional and advanced coding concepts. In Level 6, students will put together what they have learned in Python and Javascript to write their own web servers and build their own Full-Stack web applications. They will learn how to use professional database tools to analyze and design projects around data. Students will also get an introduction to the C# programming language, and will begin learning about advanced object oriented programming, algorithm designs and data structures. This class will prepare students for concepts introduced in AP Computer Science courses. Students will learn about online safety and the importance of secure data, as well as professional coding ethics, and how to work on projects as a team.

Tools/Language: C#, Python, JavaScript, SQL, HTML, CSS

Prerequisites: Graduation from Level 5 or demonstrated equivalent knowledge of Web Development and Python using libraries to reduce code complexity. Students going into Level 6 are able to create dynamic multi-page web projects and Python projects involving class inheritance.

Technical Requirements: 

  • Chromebook, Mac, or Windows PC (Windows only for Level 6 and Level H2)
  • Internet
  • Speakers, microphone, and webcam



       Demonstrated understanding of:

  • Being able to create and deploy dynamic, Full-Stack web applications that involve databases, and real-time communication
  • Creating, querying, manipulating, and designing projects around a professional database
  • Creating C# games using objects and inheritance
  • Designing algorithms and data structures in C#
  • Discussing online safety, ethics, and best practices


Examples of projects students can build on their own:

  • Dynamic, full-scale 2D games using C# and Mono
  • A multiplayer web-browser game deployed to the student’s personal server
  • A blog website that uses a database to handle users and search for topics

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