Course Information:

Level 5 is designed for students who have demonstrated proficiency and comfortability with advanced programming concepts and the use of typed languages. In Level 5, students will be given the ability to take the concepts they learned in Level 4 one step further by introducing more professional and involved libraries for both Python and Javascript. Coders will also be introduced to the concept of databases and database operations through SQLite which they will use to keep track of and analyze large amounts of data. Students will learn the importance of clean and efficient code and be able to implement and design algorithms to maximize efficiency at runtime.

Tools/Language: Python, JavaScript, SQL, HTML, CSS

Prerequisites: Graduation from Level 4 or demonstrated equivalent knowledge of both Python and Web Development. Students going into Level 5 are able to implement and debug Python projects with classes as well as create interactive games and websites using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Technical Requirements: 

  • Chromebook, Mac, or Windows PC (Windows only for Level 6 and Level H2)
  • Internet
  • Speakers, microphone, and webcam



       Demonstrated understanding of:

  • Knowing how to install and when to use non-standard Python libraries to reduce the complexity of code
  • Using JavaScript libraries to simplify website design
  • Creating, querying, and manipulating simple databases
  • Runtime complexity and good coding practices


Examples of projects students can build on their own:

  • Classic games such as space invaders and Frogger, using Pygame
  • An interactive school planner which stores data entries, using SQLite
  • A multi-page website is hosted on the student’s personal domain

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