Course Information:

Level 4 is for students who are familiar with the core concepts of programming and program design, and are ready to move on to more powerful “typed languages”. Students will take the basic Python skills they learned in Level 3 to the next level and create complex projects, e.g. a Connect 4 game with an intelligent computer opponent. Using a professional development environment (Cloud9) allows students to learn more complex Python concepts, such as writing classes and data analysis techniques. Students will also be introduced to Web Development with HTML, CSS, and JavaScripts where they will build dynamic, interactive web pages and games, and receive an introduction to what the web really is and how it works. Students will learn the importance of well-structured code, as well as designing web pages with a clean user experience.

Tools/Language: Python, JavaScript, HTML, CSS

Prerequisites: Graduation from Level 3 or Level M or demonstrated understanding of the programming concepts included in Level 3 or Level M, as well as demonstrated skill to design and implement more complicated multi-player and ‘player against the computer’ games.

Technical Requirements: 

  • Chromebook, Mac, or Windows PC (Windows only for Level 6 and Level H2)
  • Internet
  • Speakers, microphone and webcam



       Demonstrated understanding of:

  • Python Concepts: using complex data structures (dictionaries, multi-dimensional arrays); creating and using Python Classes; getting, analyzing, and graphing data
  • Web Development Concepts: building web pages with a clean style and layout; embedding Javascript programs within an existing web page; editing the page appearance through dynamic Javascript and CSS.
  • Problem-solving, commenting, and code debugging through the browser


Examples of projects students can build on their own:

  • Interactive Calculator with HTML, CSS, and Javascript
  • Javascript games such as Pong and Snake
  • Python Web Scraping Project
  • Python text-based adventure

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