Kritarth Bista in an amazing student residing in Mahalaxmi-8, Lalitpur. He is studying in Grade 6 at Ullens School. He has joined Mero Coding Class on Jan, 2022 and has been coding in Scratch-visual programming language. He is in intermediate level of Scratch and doing really great.

“When I knew I can create my own game in scratch, I really got excited. I am learning coding and soon I will develop my own game”

Kritarth loves to play video games and wants to develop his own game. He is constantly exploring Scratch to get ideas to develop his own game. His instructor is also amazed and love his dedication to mastering different aspect of coding. Whenever, Kritarth finishes project, he is really excited to see his project working and to share the story with his friends in school.

“My friends in school have started to praise me, since I showed them my coding project in Scratch. Some of them even want to learn coding with me”