Programming for Kids

An introduction to programming can become a great kick start for kids to a long and successful tech career. When kids understand the fundamentals of coding, they gain recognition and appreciation of the importance of digital technology. Similar to how learning Physics and Biology gives them an understanding of integral science of life, learning code assists them to realize how this world is run by modern technology. As kids learn coding, they learn to create programs that are useful in the real world. They recognize that coding is the closest thing we have to a ‘superpower’ and thus, they realize the importance of these building blocks. Learning to read and write code helps kids to develop cognitive skill sets that teaches them to apply a problem-solving approach to every problem they are presented with. Kids learn to analyze data that helps them process the different variables of any problem. Kids gain fresh perspectives that help them understand patterns to solve problems practically. They learn how to break down a problem into smaller parts which brings them great ease in determining the desired result. Learning how to code is a logical process and as such, kids learn to formulate a detailed set of instructions to produce the desired result. They learn to use logical concepts such as loops, conditionals and functions which help them stimulate their logical thinking.

As kids learn to break down complicated problems into smaller components, this approach to problem solving can be transferred to various other fields not directly related to computer science. For example, such skills are transferable in sciences where scientists form hypotheses and systematic testing of such theories. Even in mechanical engineering, car mechanics find the problem area by slowly fixing one part after another. Kids learn HOW things work and then they can create stuff that works. Kids also learn the value of perseverance. Writing code requires a lot of persistence. Coders do not give up on their code, even when the solution seems far-fetched. Thus, kids are compelled to analyze which part of the code is faulty, and how to tweak that block of code to achieve the desired outcome.

Coding is the present and it is the future. It is certain that the ability to write usable code will continue to pay well in the future. Even jobs not directly related to programming might require some prior coding knowledge. Besides coding, programming develops other attributes like mathematical thinking, communication and creativity. Learning coding might be life-changing for kids because they might discover that programming is their lifelong passion. With the development of fields such as: machine learning, robotics and artificial intelligence, programming is turning out to be one of the most lucrative career paths of the future. Kids, once exposed to programming, might feel attached to this field and discover that this is what they want to do for the rest of their lives.

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