Pandemic times: An Opportunity for Online Learning

2020 was an experimental year for online learning. These are unprecedented times. The Covid-19 pandemic has shut down all educational institutions. Students are staying at home and their method of consuming education has had a drastic transformation. With students slowly transitioning towards online education, the opportunity to embrace E-learning is immense.

Students have different learning methods. E-learning affords the opportunity to personalize learning style in a way that suits the teacher as well as students. In physical classrooms, teachers deliver their teaching amongst a number of students whose learning methods and interest levels are varied. This is a challenge for educators as well as students. Here at Mero Coding Class, we have various pathways, progressing from beginner to intermediate and then advanced levels. We provide online learning opportunities that give students the option to customize their learning experience by choosing amongst different courses. The best part is the flexibility in scheduling since we provide many options weekly, morning and afternoon.

At Mero Coding Class, we take the customer feedback very seriously. We care about building long-term relationships with our students and their parents, so we measure feedback accurately and adapt accordingly. We have established solid processes in order to ensure a greater experience.The benefits of online classes is evident. We have integrated virtual learning permanently and even with the return of physical classes, we will continue providing the option of virtual learning for those who want to choose it.

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