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Coding with Kids is on a mission to bring the highest quality coding education to children no matter where they are on the planet. Every child deserves an opportunity to learn this fun and lucrative skill that gives access to quality employment without having to migrate. Coding with Kids unleashes the creativity and capacity that is lying latent within children in communities around the world, who will create the next great solutions from which we will all benefit.

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Start learning coding from the age you are perfect to code. This is just to inform how education section really looks.



The journey of learning tech is fantastic. Sharp brain, aggressive mind and the thought of concurring the world.



Earn the certificate as level goes higher. Approach might be different to get the goal, but kids get the certificate nonetheless.

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Boost kids career by learning coding skills

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Why Coding for Kids?

Develops problem solving skills

When kids code, they take complex problems and break them down into smaller parts. Kids learn what it’s like to approach a problem the way a software engineer does, with logical, computational thinking.

Develops creative thinking

Challenges kids to think outside the box. Children realize that there are multiple ways to perform a particular task. This stimulates them to think differently and apply unique perspectives during problem solving.

Helps in learning maths

Coding enhances logical and mathematical competencies. They will be learning maths with a different perspective and use those mathematical concepts while programming.

Coding is fun

If you want to give your child something enjoyable to do which will also be educational and help them to learn, learning to code is the perfect gift.

Boosts confidence

Learning the basics of programming can fundamentally change how kids view the world. It makes them more confident when heading into a workplace that is run with the latest technology.

The future is coding

As the world progresses, the dependencies upon the technology, computers and robots are increasing in every sector of the industry. Thus, helping the kids to learn the language of computers at a young age provides them an immense advantage when they step into the real world.

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What Parents Say?

My two kids Saaya and Pancham are taking coding classes from Mero coding class. Since, then I have seen so much progress in them. Thank you Mero Coding Class for this wonderful experience for my kids.

Surina S. Gurung

My son Yash Shrestha used to engage more on playing mobile games, but since he had joined Mero Coding Class he has been coding and developing games. I am happy to see this transformation.

Ritu Kiran Shrestha


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